Outfit / Festival fever

I am so ready for this weekend, a long weekend of festival fever. The sun is shining, I have decided on my outfit, so let’s go….

My new white tee – Zara
Skirt – bought in Australia
Flipflops – New Look
Armcandy – H&M & Primark
Necklace – Pieces

We are off to Solar Weekend a festival in the south of the Netherlands. I actually live three kilometres from the festival, how convenient! Do you know the festival? Have you ever been or plan on going this weekend?

Diary / UEFA Euro 2012

Okay, okay I am a girl…so what do you want to say? Girls don’t know anything about football? Well you are wrong! We Dutchies love football, guys or girls.

This weekend was all about the kick-off UEFA Euro 2012. It is still a open wound as we came in second at the World Cup in 2010. The Netherlands haven’t won since 1988, I was 2 years old back then. So let’s go Dutchies….

1. I really need to stop buying stuff 😀
2. Our orange dresses, check out my winning ways dress blogpost
3. We went to the square nearby the central station and watch football together on some big screens. The atmospfere was really good.
4. Me and my girls, in my orange outfit, but this didn’t help….failure 😦
5. Next blogpost about this new item
6. Next game against Germany tomorrow

So are you following the UEFA 2012? Which country is your favorite?

New in / Winning ways dress Supertrash

It seems to become a battle between Dutch designers which one of them makes THE orange dress which is worn by almost every (young) female in the Netherlands during the European or World cup.

The European Cup football is starting this Friday and ofcourse we Dutchies love to dress in orange. This year we had various good choices.

My girlfriends and I chose the Supertrash Winning Ways Dress, which can also be worn as a shirt.

Spijkers & Spijkers, designerduo had a collaboration with the beer brand Bavaria and came up with the V-dress.

‘Modemeisjes’ (which means fashion girls) had a collaboration with fashion label Lakeside and presented the Hollandia dress. One of the ‘Modemeisjes’ is a designer herself Josh V, she is in the middle.

Which one do you like best?

Inspiration / June

Since, I wasn’t able to bring back any of my Barcelona list items. I made a new inspiration list, which involves different styles from different wishlists of the last month. I treid to think about what I really want and need, which is good for me, since then I don’t spend to much money on things I didn’t want to buy anyway…

The trends and styles I am looking for are:

*T-shirts with print
*Pastels (especially mint green)
*Coloured jeans
*Strappy sandals
*Golden jewelry
*Orange items

What is on your wishlist for the next month?

Diary / week 18

It has been a couple of days since I last posted something. To give you a little impression of where I have been I made a photo diary of my long weekend and all the funs things I’ve done…

1. On saturday we had friends over for dinner and they given us these pink tulips, I absolutly love these flowers, lights up my day. I forgot to take pictures of the dinner and on sunday I did nothing..so no photos.
2. Monday was Queen’s Day and everything turned orange this day. This is my friend Kristen and me, I was wearing orange but the vest was to warm.
3/4/5. Yesterday my fashionable girls and me went to NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys) concert. Which is absolutly old skool, but too much fun and we sang along with all the songs.
6. On my way to work this morning, reading some fashion magazines. Back to normal life!

What have you been up to these couples of days?

Inspiration / Queen’s Day

So, monday it’s Queen’s Day, which is a national holiday in the Netherlands. We celebrate the birthday of the Queen, Queen Beatrix, which isn’t actually her birthday (she was born on 31st of January), but her mother’s birthday Queen Juliana. We been celebrating her birthday since the liberation of the 2nd World War. Liberation Day is also coming up on the 5th of May. So, a lot of national holidays, which is always a real good time.

Well to get back to Queen’s Day, everyone, but absolutly everyone goes crazier and dresses up in our national color: ORANGE! Some of you might remember the images from two years ago when we became 2nd in the World Cup playing socker. One big orange mass. I am so looking forward to the European Cup this year in June. Well, not to get sidetracked what it comes down too is, monday everyone should where orange, if it’s a fashion statement or not. I love it!!! If you forgot to buy something orange, here are some ideas which you could still get today…

Queen's Day

Queen’s Day by ellendircks featuring chiffon tops

I actually own the earrings and purse from Pieces, only still available by asos.com €9.33 and €12,- and the blouse from H&M in beige, which is only €9,95,-! The shorts are also from H&M for €19,95. The jeans €35,- are from Vero Moda, they also offer another pair with 3/4 legs online for €29,95. The fabulous bracelet is from Mango €9.95. The skirt is from Monki €30,-, which might be a new brand to you. It a Danisch brand which I love ❤ and you’ll find there stores all over Germany, for me closest is the store is in Essen where you’ll also find a lot of other great stores like Primark with six floors – aahh HEAVEN!!! Get your orange stuff now…and shop shop shop…

Let me know if you will be wearing orange on Monday?

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