Inspiration / Kirsten Stewart

I decided to only do a diary once a month as from now, so no diary today but a fashion blogpost.

I really needed to do a article about Kirsten Stewart. Let me be honoust, I haven’t been a fan of her since the beginning. I always thought she was a bit smudy. No offense!

But since a little while I am starting to love her. What I exactly love about her? I’ll show you…

She still loves her sneakers, skinny jeans, t-shirt and casual jacket, but so do I.
I wouldn’t want to wear dresses everyday. I really like she is now combing and washing her hair, and making differents pony tials, buns or braids to spice up the look. Don’t forgetting she is wearing make-up with the casual look once in a while. So go Kirsten!

I really loved her casual look she worn to the MTV movie awards sneak peak week 2012.

She is wearing Balenciaga skinny jeans and leather jacket, Joe Jeans shirt, vintage Cartier necklace and FRYE sneakers.

At the MTV movie awards 2012 she chose the neon trend, which I think is perfect for the MTV event.

She is wearing a Guishem dress and Louboutin heels, which girl didn’t want to own a pair of those 🙂

Here a two more classic looks I like of her.
This is at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2012

She is wearing a fabulous Stella McCartney dress and Barbara Bui heels. The blue shoes makes the whole outfit more playfull, great for the kids event. I love she didn’t chose a ultrashort dress and only shows of the legs to make it more appropriate. I adore the pony tail.

Here is Kirsten Stewart at the photocall for her new movie Snow white and the Huntsman in Madrid, Spain.

The warrior look is perfect for the event. She is wearing a BCBG Max Azria dress and Christian Louboutin heels. The braid finish it off.

I really think Kirsten is stepping up her game and she is a new inspiration to me.
Oh, and don’t forget she is with one of the sexiest man on earth, Robert Pattinson and they won the MTV movie award for best kiss for the fourth time.

Here is Robert on the Russian GQ cover, love the new haircut.

What do you think about Kirsten Stewart and her style?


New in / Glossybox

So I finally received my first beautybox. I totally Glossybox forgot that I ordered it after my blog post in April about the different beauty boxes out there. Which was a good suprise, because it feels like receiving a present…love it <3…

So how does the concept work. You order the box monthly and pay 12,50 euros, you receive 5/6 beautyproducts which are based on your personal profile (style, likes, dislikes, preferences). The normal price of the beautyproducts together are somewhere between 50-100 euros. So this is a real good deal. If you write enough reviews or invite friends you even receive the box for free.

This month the theme was ‘Affordable Favorite’ which the staff of Glossybox put together.
I was absolutely excited about the products in this box, because I am already familiar with 4 of the 6 brands, and also very pleased with other products of these brands.

Zoeva – Forever Eye Crayon

This eye shadow pencil is a beautiful color, it is gray/green with a little golden sparkle in it. Definitely nice for a night out, since I don’t wear any eye shadow myself, I probably will make my best friend really happy with this one.

Garnier – Miracle Skin Perfector

A day cream and foundation in one with a sun protection, what more do you want? I was already familiar with the product, because of the commercials with Yfke Sturm, a Dutch supermodel. Ideal for the summer days, because then you really don’t want to wear a heavy foundation. I am a instant fan, because I already have a Garnier day cream which is also really light like this one. And for hot days like today I would rather not wear foundation, but wear BB cream instead.

John Frieda – Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

I am the number one user of John Frieda products, so of course this was my number one favorite. And ideal for me, because it is a repair serum for overstyled hair (read: hair dryer, straightener). The texture is liquid which is good for applying on to the washed and wet hair.

Dr. van der Hoog – Purity cleaning wipes

Which girl doesn’t have enough cleaning wipes? I bring these babies everywhere I go, especially on day or weekend trips and holidays. You can take them on to the plane and clean absolutely everything with them, even stains in your clothes! These cleaning wipes from Dr. van der Hoog are ideal, they are quite firm and smell nice (not to strong). But most of all they don’t leave a pulling sensation on your face afterwards.

NO-AD – Aftersun Lotion

So I like the idea of putting a aftersun lotion in the May box. I am unfamiliar with the brand. I like the texture of the lotion and it feels really soft and fresh on your skin, but I wouldn’t use it. I just don’t like the smell of the product, so I wouldn’t cover my whole body in it.

Max Factor – Masterpiece Max High Volume & Definition Mascara

This one was a new experience for me. I never use Max Faxtor products, but I know the brand. I normally don’t like mascara’s whit a prickly brush, but I have to disagree with myself. This one is phenomenal, it opens up my eyelashes more than my own mascara and it makes them look longer.

I think the box exceeded my expectations. I loved 4 of the 6 products and will for sure start using these products and maybe even buy them in the future.

What do you think about the Glossybox?

What’s new / Beauty

Dear fashion friends,

Besides fashion there is beauty.

I am usually not the person who tries out new beauty products, even if I found a nail polish I like I will use it again and again. But lately beauty has caught my attention, and it so happened I was reading some beauty blogs when I  found the ‘beauty box’. This is really something I would like to share with you all, because it’s a real good deal and it so happens to fit my ‘budget theme’. And which girls doesn’t like to be spoiled?

Here are some images of the beauty box


So, what you get are five (exclusive) beauty products for 12,50 euros including shipping costs. Of course, what you get is a surprise. You can unsubscribe monthly. Here you will find more information about the beauty box. You can also read what has been in the box for the last few months, and trust me some products are amazing, but always in a sample form.

There are a few other options:
Truly Yours

So, staying in the beauty theme. I finally got myself some make-up brushes from make-up studio. A couple of weeks ago my girlfriends and myself followed a make-up workshop, which was really great. You’ll learn lots of trics and now I can finally do my own eye-schadow corectly. I bought myself the blusher (S06) and a eye-schadow brush (S25). I always add my foundation with a sponge, that is just my personal preference. If you would like to get a foundation brush or eyebrow brush, get the S07 and the S21 of make-up studio. These are the most expensive brushes of make-up studio, but trust me they will last a while and make a big difference.

Now I am thinking about subscribing and trying one of the boxes, because these brushes need some new make-up. Would you try it?