New in / Winning ways dress Supertrash

It seems to become a battle between Dutch designers which one of them makes THE orange dress which is worn by almost every (young) female in the Netherlands during the European or World cup.

The European Cup football is starting this Friday and ofcourse we Dutchies love to dress in orange. This year we had various good choices.

My girlfriends and I chose the Supertrash Winning Ways Dress, which can also be worn as a shirt.

Spijkers & Spijkers, designerduo had a collaboration with the beer brand Bavaria and came up with the V-dress.

‘Modemeisjes’ (which means fashion girls) had a collaboration with fashion label Lakeside and presented the Hollandia dress. One of the ‘Modemeisjes’ is a designer herself Josh V, she is in the middle.

Which one do you like best?

8 thoughts on “New in / Winning ways dress Supertrash

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