New in / Perforated jacket and lace…

The new trend is all about perforated items. I bought this beige jacket (which is also sleeveless) at Stradivarius in Barcelona.

And it’s still about lace. Everywhere I go I see lace in all forms and shapes. Lace has been a trend for a while now, but I definantly think it’s still about lace. Lace is romantic and makes every outfit look more summery, I love. I bought these new lace items at Blanco and Bershka in Barcelona.

So last week I decided to ‘do-it-myself’ and transform my jeans with rather big holes into a lace item. Here is what I did…

1. Buy lace from the fabric market for only 2,50 euros.
2. Cut the lace and adjust it to the seams on the inside of the jeans, so it will cover the holes. Make a extra stitch around the holes..
3. Voila, your jeans has been transformed into a lace item within 15 minutes..and ready to wear again.

Since I been collecting laces items and probably have over 10 items in my closet with lace. How many do you have?

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