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Dear fashion friends,

Besides fashion there is beauty.

I am usually not the person who tries out new beauty products, even if I found a nail polish I like I will use it again and again. But lately beauty has caught my attention, and it so happened I was reading some beauty blogs when I  found the ‘beauty box’. This is really something I would like to share with you all, because it’s a real good deal and it so happens to fit my ‘budget theme’. And which girls doesn’t like to be spoiled?

Here are some images of the beauty box


So, what you get are five (exclusive) beauty products for 12,50 euros including shipping costs. Of course, what you get is a surprise. You can unsubscribe monthly. Here you will find more information about the beauty box. You can also read what has been in the box for the last few months, and trust me some products are amazing, but always in a sample form.

There are a few other options:
Truly Yours

So, staying in the beauty theme. I finally got myself some make-up brushes from make-up studio. A couple of weeks ago my girlfriends and myself followed a make-up workshop, which was really great. You’ll learn lots of trics and now I can finally do my own eye-schadow corectly. I bought myself the blusher (S06) and a eye-schadow brush (S25). I always add my foundation with a sponge, that is just my personal preference. If you would like to get a foundation brush or eyebrow brush, get the S07 and the S21 of make-up studio. These are the most expensive brushes of make-up studio, but trust me they will last a while and make a big difference.

Now I am thinking about subscribing and trying one of the boxes, because these brushes need some new make-up. Would you try it?

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